Review Policy

I like reviewing new products and books. I am never paid to write a positive review and I don’t write reviews for things that I personally have not used. My reviews are honest, fun, short and sweet with links and sometimes, pictures. In the case of book reviews, I may even be inspired to write an author interview as well. In which case, I read the book first and try to arrange an interview with the author.

If you have a product that you would like me to review, please contact me at marcie[at] Or you can Follow Me on Twitter @suburbanmama Send me a press kit with a detailed description of the product or service you would like to have reviewed or if you would like to sponsor a give away. Please send a sample of your item so that I can make a fair and balanced review. Your sample will not be returned to you, and you are responsible for any/all postage and handling fees to get it to me.

Stuff I have reviewed in the past: books geared towards women, moms, books written by and for moms, couples, women; children’s book; beauty products; juice boxes, detergent, toys, movies and dvds. I especially like trying out family friendly, safe and fun products.

Got something for me? Email me now.

Thank you very much.

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  1. Good post, useful blog! Here’s what we recently told a mama who’s in the stay-at-home-regret stage:


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